Damon braces

At Links Orthodontics, we stay at the cutting-edge of orthodontic technology to provide the best experience for our patients. Damon braces are revolutionising the way we treat patients, because they are more convenient and efficient than traditional braces.

Damon braces

What are Damon braces?

The Damon System uses a special type of ‘self-ligating’ brackets that don’t require any elastics to hold the archwire in place. Because of this, the archwire can slide freely through the brackets, which helps teeth move more quickly and reduces friction during treatment.

The self-adjusting nature of Damon braces means that you won’t have to visit our practice for as many appointments during treatment. You can also expect treatment to be more comfortable since the brackets are smaller and there is less force on your teeth during treatment.

What are Damon braces?

Benefits of Damon braces

Increased comfort

Because the brackets are low-profile and there is less friction during treatment, you can expect a comfortable experience.

More discretion

Damon brackets are smaller and come in both metal and clear options, so you can have your brackets blend in to your natural tooth colour.

Faster treatment

Because your teeth can slide freely, they can move into position more efficiently than with traditional braces.

Fewer appointments

We won’t need to see you for frequent adjustments like we would with traditional metal braces.


We can treat issues from minor to severe with Damon braces.

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