Private fees

Everyone’s smile is unique – and so is the cost of their treatment. At Links Orthodontics, we completely customise your treatment programme and costs to suit your smile. Because of that, we won’t know the exact cost of your treatment until your free consultation with our team.

Private fees

Orthodontic treatment costs

Here are some average costs of private orthodontic treatment at our practice so you can get an idea for your budget.

Treatment Fee Guide 2021
Free consultation with TCO Free
Initial Assessment with an Orthodontist specialist
- £95.00 payment required on booking
New patient examination
- Currently in Orthodontic treatment wanting to transfer
- New patient wanting new retainers
Fixed Metal/ Ceramic Braces (includes Removable retainers) Metal / Ceramic
Single arch £2500 - £2850
Invisalign Packages (Includes Essix) Single / Dual arch
Invisalign Lite (14 Aligners) £2750 - £3250
Other Treatment
Routine Adjustment appointment for non-existing patients £175
Fixed Bonded Retainer £250
Repair of Fixed bonded retainer £50 per tooth
£75 to remove per arch
Vivera retainers (includes 3 sets of retainers) £400
Whitewash top up kit (x2 syringes) £75
Finance, flexible deposit options
6-12 months 0% interest
24 — 36 months 7.9% interest

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