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Damon braces are an advanced alternative to a traditional brace system. The technology uses self-ligating brackets that guide teeth into the perfect position, rather than traditional systems of forcing teeth into position. The Damon Brace System offer both a metal and a discreet clear brace option so you can choose which braces suits you best.

Damon Brace treatment includes the following:

  • Damon metal and clear options for upper and lower teeth straightening
  • Free consultation with Specialist Orthodontist
  • Free Retainers after treatment
  • Free whitening after treatment
  • Monthly payment options and 0% interest free
  • Free no obligation quote

Benefits of Damon Braces:

  • Straight teeth will build your confidence
  • Guide the teeth into position rather than forcing them, this allows the treatment to be completed faster
  • No need for tooth extraction
  • The Damon clear system is discreet and less noticeable than other brace systems
  • Versatile braces to treat a wide variety of orthodontic conditions
  • The Damon brace requires fewer appointments
  • The Damon brace does not require any additional ties or elastics like other systems
  • Comfortable and pain free orthodontic treatment
  • The Damon system provides a better quality of results and will treat mild to serve Orthodontic cases


  • What are the advantages of the Damon brace? – The self-ligating mechanism of the brace allows move freedom of movement without causing pain or discomfort, this allows treatment to be more effective and to achieve the result quicker.
  • How do I know if I am suitable for treatment? – Our team of Specialist Orthodontist will provide you with a comprehensive examination and treatment plan. The Damon brace is very versatile and will treatment most Orthodontic conditions.
  • How long will treatment take? – This all depends on the treatment need, it is case specific to the length of treatment however 9-12 months is the average expectation for treatment.
  • Are the Damon braces noticeable? – The Damon brackets are smaller than traditional brackets therefore not as prominent, there are also Damon clear braces available which blend into the natural tooth colour and are very discreet.
  • How do I look after my braces? –  Once the braces have been fitted you will be given verbal and written instructions how to look after them. You will also be given a specific cleaning kit to allow you to clean the brackets thoroughly.


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