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Removable Appliances

Removable Appliances are suitable for simple tooth movements.

They consist of an acrylic plate which fits into the roof of the mouth.

Teeth are guided into position by flexible wires.

Removable appliances can be taken out for cleaning purposes.


Fixed Appliances

Fixed Appliances are temporarily stuck to the teeth for the duration of the treatment.

Each tooth has a small bracket glued to it.

The brackets are attached to a thin flexible wire which achieves the straightening.

Fixed appliances are more accurate than removable appliances and are generally used for the treatment of the more difficult irregularities.

Fixed Appliances

Before and After


Functional Appliances

Functional ApplianceFunctional appliances are designed to correct the development of the bite, the jaw relationships and to improve the profile as you grow.

We use two main types of functional appliances.

The twin block appliance consists of two removable braces, one for the top teeth and one for the lower teeth. We use the Twin Block Appliance when most of the adult teeth have erupted.

The bionator is very similar but is made in one piece and is used for younger patients and is used when there are still deciduous teeth to be lost. These braces are more difficult to get used to at the beginning because they are bulky.

It normally takes a week to get used to a functional brace. If worn correctly, they are extremely effective and get terrific results.

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