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Removable Appliances

Removable appliances are specially made by a skilled technician for your mouth. They deserve to be handled with care!

When fitting the appliance into your mouth, you must take care to ensure that the springs are placed in the correct positions. Once you are sure, the appliance can be fully fitted.

How often should I wear my removable appliance?

Unless otherwise instructed, your removable appliance should be worn at all times – 24 hours a day, seven days a week including for eating. In most cases, eating with the appliance in place is of particular importance with regard to treatment success. It is not an optional extra!

When you are wearing your brace do not play with it in your mouth (such as clicking it up and down). This can break your brace and has the added effect of annoying your friends and relatives!

How do I remove my brace?

When removing your brace, always use the clips at the back. This will help prevent damage to the delicate wires that move your teeth.

We recommend removing your brace after each meal and cleaning your teeth. You will need to clean your brace by running it under cold water using a toothbrush to remove any stubborn food debris and then replace it back in your mouth.

Fixed Braces

Due to the fact they remain in the mouth for the duration of treatment they must be cleaned on a regular basis. This should be morning and night and after every meal.

How do I clean my Fixed Braces?

Fixed appliances should be cleaned by regular brushing around and between the brackets at least three times a day, especially after meals. A fluoride mouth rinse is recommended on a regular basis. Small brushes are available to help with cleaning awkward areas.

Failure to keep the appliances clean can lead to decay or permanent staining of the teeth.

Dietary Advice

Sticky foods, chewing gum, hard crusty bread, toast, pizza or any hard or excessively fibrous foods should be avoided. Food such as apples should be cut up into small pieces before being chewed gently on the back teeth.

Fizzy drinks should be avoided. These contain acids which can damage your teeth, especially if they are not kept clean. However, if you must, please drink through a straw. This helps keep the acids away from your teeth!

What should I do if I break my appliance?

If you break your appliance this is likely to increase the length of treatment, In addition you will need an extra visit to have the appliance repaired. Contact the practice as soon as possible for advice and to book a repair appointment.


Congratulations, your teeth are now straight!

Although your teeth look nice now, if you fail to wear your retainers, your teeth will move! The only way to prevent this is to wear your retainers as directed by your orthodontist.

Here are our tips to maintaining straight teeth

  • Wear your retainer(s) for 10 - 12 hours EVERY NIGHT.
  • Only clean with COLD WATER – you can use your toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • When you are not wearing the retainer(s) keep it somewhere safe. (Retainer boxes are available to buy at the reception desk)
  • If you lose your retainer(s) there is a charge under the National Health Service regulations of £84.60 per retainer to replace them.
  • If the retainer(s) does not fit because you have not worn it and your teeth have moved you will also have to pay for a replacement. Please note, the NHS only pays for one course of treatment. If your teeth move, we may not be able to re-treat you
  • We will arrange to see you to check your retainers at regular intervals within your first-year post-treatment. Bring the retainers with you so we can make sure they still fit

Oral Hygiene

We recommend the use of an interspace brush in addition to your normal toothbrush. The interspace brush can prevent the build-up of plaque and food particles in areas a normal toothbrush cannot reach. Particular attention should be paid to the areas between the gums and the brackets. These are available at reception.

Appliance Cleaning

Orthodontic brushes provide a longer filament head to improve access around appliances.

  • Use gentle but direct brushing to include the appliance and tooth surfaces.
  • Interdental brushes clean simply and effectively around brackets and wires.
  • Simple adaptation of the brushes helps clean tooth surfaces and the appliance.
  • Single tufted brushes are useful for the difficult to access sites.
  • Filaments can be splayed onto the tooth surface and under the gum margins.
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I had my top and bottom teeth straightened at this orthodontist. I found the whole process a good one from start to finish. The staff are all lovely and the receptionists are very helpful. I would recommend this Orthodontic practice. My teeth are lovely now and I do get comments about them.

K Ann

Absolutely thrilled!!! My son age 12 started here one year ago and I cannot believe the difference. Easily accessible, wonderful friendly staff who are always there if you need any help. The orthodontist made him feel very relaxed and would not hesitate to recommend this surgery to anyone.

K Hasid

I have always been nervous visiting dentists and in the past have often cancelled appointments, however with the reassurance given from the friendly staff at links I haven’t felt the need to cancel. The staff are also very accommodating with my appointments. I love my new smile and the confidence it has given me.

E Gray

We could not be happier with my daughter’s smile after her treatment. Appointments were easily made and consideration was always taken to make sure that my daughter didn’t always miss school. Friendly staff, appointments always on time and not once cancelled in two years! Amazing service.

T Copestake

I have always been nervous visiting dentists and in the past have often cancelled appointments, however with the reassurance given from the friendly staff at links I haven’t felt the need to cancel. The staff are also very accommodating with my appointments. I love my new smile and the confidence it has given me.

E Gray

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