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Appliance instructions: Removable braces

Removable appliances are specially made by a skilled technician for your mouth. They deserve to be handled with the utmost care!

Some appliances have a deliberate split. This is not a breakage, it is the means by which tooth movement is achieved.


When fitting the appliance into your mouth, you must take great care to ensure that the springs are placed in the correct positions. Once you are sure, the appliance can be fully seated.

Inserting your appliance

Not all appliances have springs like these, but if they do, be sure to insert the appliance correctly, or it won't work.


Unless otherwise instructed, your removable appliance should be worn at all times; 24 hours a day, seven days a week including for eating. In most cases eating with the appliance inserted is of particular importance with regard to treatment success. It is not an optional extra!

When you are wearing your brace do not play with it in your mouth (such as clicking it up and down). This can break your brace and has the effect of annoying your friends and relatives!

Removing your brace

When removing your brace, always use the clips at the back. This will help prevent damage to the delicate wires that move your teeth.


If you are playing rough contact sports or if you go swimming, it is advisable to remove the appliance for the duration of the event only. It must then be replaced at the earliest opportunity. For contact sports, always wear a gum-shield.

Treatment time?

This very much depends on the problem you have, but one thing's for sure, the more you wear your appliance, the quicker the treatment!


Eating, drinking and sleeping

(Unless otherwise instructed) It will take a little time to learn to eat and talk with the appliance in your mouth. Stick with it, be patient, remember the long term goal.

You want beautiful teeth don't you?

Care of your brace

Remove your brace after each meal and clean your teeth. The clean your brace under running water with a toothbrush and replace it in your mouth.

Removable appliances are delicate. When not being worn they should be kept in a hard plastic container for protection.

Never put your brace in a tissue. You may forget it is there and throw it way!


Soon after fitting or adjustment of the appliance it is not unusual to experience some discomfort, which may last for a few days. If necessary take the correct dose of a pain-killer. (Always read the instructions on the packet and never take any medicines without first discussing with a parent or guardian.) You should persist, because if you stop wearing your brace you will have to go through the discomfort when you start wearing it again.

If discomfort is persistant, please contact your Orthodontist for an earlier appointment.

And remember...

Have regular check-ups with your dentist.

You will need to see the orthodontist regularly for adjustments.

It is important that you, the patient, carefully follow these instructions so that treatment can progress as smoothly and quickly as possible.

We recommend the use of an interspace brush in addition to your normal toothbrush. The interspace brush can prevent the build-up of plaque and food particles in areas a normal toothbrush cannot reach. Particular attention should be paid to the areas between the gums and the brackets.

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