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Appliance instructions: Fixed braces

Fixed braces are cemented onto the teeth and should only be removed by your orthodontist.

Due to the fact they remain in the mouth for the duration of treatment they must be cleaned on a regular basis by the wearer.

Treatment time

Treatment normally takes 18-24 months to complete, dependent on the severity of the initial problem.

Initial Discomfort/ Problems

Fixed appliances are designed to be as smooth as possible. However, in a mouth that is not used to them initial discomfort is not uncommon.

If the appliance rubs your mouth....

wax is available from your orthodontist. A small piece of this should be removed and rubbed between finger and thumb to soften it. It should then be applied to the part of the appliance which is rubbing. Your mouth usually adapts to the appliance after a day or two and the discomfort is usually temporary. After fitting, or after adjustment of the appliance, it is not unusual to experience a little discomfort.

In both cases the correct dose of an appropriate pain-killer is recommended. Always read the instructions on the packet and never take any medicines without first discussing with a parent or guardian.

If discomfort persists for more than a few days contact your orthodontist.

Cleaning Fixed Braces

Appliances should be cleaned by regular brushing around and between the brackets at least three times a day, especially after meals. Brush Next to the gums. Between the brackets. A fluoride mouth rinse is recommended on a regular basis.

Failure to keep the appliances clean can lead to progressive decay of permanent staining of the underlying teeth.

What a shame if they ended up looking like this. Straight rotten teeth: Be warned!

Dietary Advice

Sticky toffee, chewing gum, hard crusty bread, toast, pizza or any hard or excessively fibrous foods, should be avoided. Food such as apples should be cut up into small pieces before being chewed gently on the back teeth.

Fizzy drinks are also best avoided. These contain acids which can damage your teeth, especially if they are not kept meticlously clean around the appliance brackets. However, if you must, drink through a straw. This keeps the acids away from your teeth!

After treatment

Following treatment you will need to wear a retaining brace. This is usually removable but may be fixed.

Follow your Orthodontists instructions carefully about how much to wear your retainers, or your teeth may move.


If you break your appliance this is likely to increase the length of treatment, In addition you will need an extra visit to have the appliance repaired, which will involve you and your family additional time and cost.


  • Keep regular checks with your dentist.
  • Keep your brace clean.
  • Do not break your brace.
  • Keep your orthodotic appointments.
  • Avoid sticky sweets and fizzy drinks.

We recommend the use of an interspace brush in addition to your normal toothbrush The interspace brush can prevent the build-up of plaque and food particles in areas a normal toothbrush cannot reach. Particular attention should be paid to the areas between the gums and the brackets.

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