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Types of braces: InVu

InVu Ceramic Braces use advanced technology to match perfectly with your tooth color; they surpass all other ceramic braces in strength and beauty - nothing compares to InVu.

InVu Matches You

Only InVu Aesthetic Braces feature Personalized Color-Matching Technology® that allows them to blend perfectly with your teeth. InVu Braces are virtually invisible and don't stain like other aesthetic braces.

InVu Feels Better

Other ceramic braces are machined with sharp edges that cause discomfort and friction. But InVu is made using a state-of-the-art injection-molding technology that produces a smooth, uniform surface. They have gently rounded edges to prevent cheek irritation. They’re extra small too, so they’re far less bulky and much more comfortable to wear.

InVu Works Best

The injection-molded process eliminates imperfections and potential breakage points, so InVu braces are stronger and more durable than other ceramic braces. They have a nearly seamless surface that minimizes friction, which can help treatment go much quicker. In fact, InVu’s overall performance meets or exceeds metal brackets.

InVu is Safer

InVu braces are far less likely than other ceramic braces to chip or shatter during the course of treatment. They’re also safer when it’s time to take them off because they have an exclusive mesh base that “pops off” easily, protecting your tooth enamel. Other ceramic brackets must be broken to remove them, and remnants must be sanded off. This can cause little chips and particles to fly loose that can be swallowed.

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