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First Appointment

Your family dentist will advise you when your child needs an orthodontic opinion. Your child may be referred before they are ready for treatment if your dentist suspects that an orthodontic problem is developing.

As an adult, your dentist will refer you if your dentist feels that orthodontic treatment may be the best option for you, sometimes in combination with crown and bridgework.

At the first visit you will be examined. We always welcome parents to accompany their children in the surgery at every visit if they wish. After examining you to assess if there is a problem or one likely to develop, we will want to know what concerns you. If a young child is not ready for treatment, we will explain what is likely to happen as more adult teeth grow.

X-rays will probably be taken. The x-rays are taken to check that the correct number of teeth are developing in the correct positions. There may be extra teeth or missing teeth. X-rays are also taken so that an analysis of the jaws can be made to assess if there will be space for all the new teeth to fit in. If you are ready for treatment , moulds will be taken so that models of the teeth can be made. Usually photographs are also taken because our orthdontic treatment deals not only with the teeth and jaws but also with the whole face, smile and profile .

If you are ready and wish treatment then a second appointment is made to confirm all the details of the proposed treatment . If it is too soon to start treatment , then a re-call appointment will be arranged for six or twelve months ahead.

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