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Adult orthodontics

Adult orthodontics - Salford

There is no age limit for orthodontics. Teeth and tissue are essentially the same in both adults and children.

Many adults have their crooked teeth and protruding bites realigned. Adult treatment may take 10 to 20 percent longer due to the difference in the physiologic responses of the tissues in the mouth of an adult as compared with a ten or twelve year old. Simply put, an adult's bone structure is more dense and firmly set, so a slightly longer response to tooth movement can be expected.

We currently see 10 to 12 adult patients every day. Adult braces are designed to so that they are less visible. Removable braces are designed to work from the back. Fixed braces are made from ceramic tooth coloured brackets and tooth coloured wires designed to camouflage the appearance of the brace. The latest technology is 'invisible' plastic aligners using the Invisalign method.

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry dealing with the repositioning and realignment of the teeth, jaws and face. Orthodontic treatment is used for both clinical and cosmetic reasons. It can optimise mouth and jaw function and correct a misaligned bite, enabling patients to eat correctly and more comfortably and care for teeth and gums more easily. It is also becoming more widely used cosmetically, particularly with adults, to improve facial features and achieve that all important, confidence giving smile.

Adult orthodontics - Salford

Getting treatment

The first appointment

First appointments can sometimes be stressful , especially for children. At AB Links Orthodontics our experienced and highly trained team will ensure that patients (and parents) will feel comfortable and at ease from the moment they step through the door. In a relaxed, professional atmosphere, we will listen carefully to your needs, concerns and objectives and make a full orthodontic assessment.

We will provide each patient with an individual, tailor-made treatment plan, prepared by the orthodontist and agreed by the patient (or his/her parent or guardian). Treatment can sometimes take over two years so it's important for everyone to be happy at the outset. Some sort of appliance will almost always form part of the treatment plan.

In order to decide on the most appropriate treatment we carry out a full examination and assessment of your teeth, bite and profile, which is likely to include x-rays, impressions (moulds of the teeth) and sometimes photographs. This will help us to diagnose the orthodontic problem and decide how to achieve the best results, giving you not just a beautiful smile but also enhancing the facial balance and profile and providing predictable long term health and other benefits.

Orthodontic treatment is generally pain-free – with no injections and drills to worry about, and we always explain what we are going to do in advance, so you always know what to expect.

What are the benefits of orthodontic treatment?

There are many benefits, both short term and long term. These can include:

  • An improved, confidence-building smile with evenly spaced straight teeth - no more crowding and unsightly large gaps.
  • Enhanced facial features and profiles
  • Properly aligned upper and lower dental arches
  • A correct bite , improving comfort generally and on eating
  • Less likelihood of prominent teeth being damaged
  • Finding appropraite spaces for impacted, unerupted or displaced teeth
  • As a first step in a full cosmetic make-over before advanced dental treatment, such as crowns, bridges or dental implants
  • Reversing and preventing the movement of teeth in patients who have suffered from advanced gum disease

Will orthodontic treatment stop me from getting gum disease and tooth decay?

In some cases orthodontic treatment has had a beneficial effect. However, there is little evidence that orthodontic treatment can, in the long term, prevent or delay gum disease and tooth decay. Only regular effective brushing and general dental hygiene and regular dental check ups can do this.

Are there any other benefits?

Many patients find that they become far more confident when they have straight teeth, a good smile and are happy about how they look. They will often lose their self-consciousness and shyness - no more being called "goofy" or "bunny rabbit " !. In many cases this can impact on personality – with patients who previously lacked self esteem gaining confidence and becoming more outgoing, resulting in an improved quality of life.

A good smile also makes people look younger, making them feel younger. Even though the effect may only be psychological it can nonetheless be transformative, leading to an improved quality of life.

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